Salad and Bread

Hey There

Ever wished, if there were someone who would cook me tasty, healthy food all day without costing much ? Well congratulations, Santa herd you. 

Paleo takes care of from picking the ingredients, making diet plans, cooking & delivering to you. So you don't have to any hassle.

All About Us

2021 was the year where a lot changed for everybody. How we live. What we eat. What reflects us, our personality. What our body and mind say about us. Paleo found it's roots on the basis of that. Gurugram is the place where everything started. From a need, to a plan, then the form. Paleo was founded by a young entrepreneur. At only 21 year old age this man wanted to change the eating habit of the entire country. 

But a harsh reality was waiting for him, it was like being punched in the face out of nowhere. Not only was it hundred times more difficult than he thought earlier but also challenging.

Building a suitable product and convincing people in a resilient market like Gurugram is not easy. Pubs, bars and night life is what defines Gurugram. Although people here are equally health conscious but a breakthrough was needed to be found.


They say timing is everything, guess what Paleo forgot to buy a watch! A world disaster was at its peak. India was hit badly at that time. People were scared to get out of their houses. And ordering from outside wasn't an option. But difficult times calls for strict measures. Paleo took care of the Covid patients and delivered them nutritious and fresh meals at their doorstep.

Having some wonderful reviews of the about the quality and ease of services that Paleo provided, we decided to expand our services to prepared meals delivery system. We researched heavily on the requirements of people and their bodies. And gave what people wanted.

So far, we are doing just fine, but its not enough. Not by a margin what we originally thought. Although the times are tough but we don't ever give up. Our aim was to disrupt the market with a service and product so superior that our competition would run for their money.

Paleo is not just a "restaurant" or a "food joint", its a lifestyle choice. An investment. In you, your body and your life. We all learned "Good health is true wealth". Now its time to conduct it.

Everybody loves us. 

Cheers !!

November 5th, 2021